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Botanical Name :Macadamia ternifolia

Common Name : Macadamia nut oil, Macadamia tetraphylla

CAS # 128497-20-1

Plant Parts Used : Nuts

Extraction Method : Cold Pressed

Color & Odor : Pale yellow to golden yellow liquid with nutty, fatty, characteristics odor

Description :

Macadamia oil is the non-volatile oil expressed from the nut meat of the macadamia (Macadamia integrifolia) tree.

Constituents & Specifications :

Lauric, myristic, palmitic, palmitoleic, margaric, margaroleic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, a-linolenic, arachidic, eicosanic, behenic, erucic and lignoceric acids

Specific Gravity : 0.9100 - 0.92000

Refractive Index : 1.46300 - 1.46500

Properties :

It is calming and revitalizing

Benefits & Uses :

Macadamia Carrier Oil is popular in cosmetic manufacturing and in combination with other carrier oils, can be used in both massage and aromatherapy.


Botanical Name :Moringa Oliefera

Common Name : Moringa, Horse Radish Tree, Drumstick Tree, Sahijan

CAS # 93165-54-9, F.E.M.A. : 2406

Plant Parts Used : Seeds

Extraction Method : Cold Pressed

Color & Odor : Pale yellow to green in colour and odourless

Description :

It is a very stable oil which is highly nutritious for the skin. This oil is much similar olive oil in composition but still it's very light.

Constituents & Specifications :

Oleic (67% to 72%), Palmitic and Stearic

Specific Gravity :0.95 - 0.96 @ 72°F

Properties :

It has numerous antioxidants in it, the oil does not become rancid for several years after it is produced. This makes Moringa oil sought after for a number of health and beauty applications. Moringa oil is viable for use as a cooking oil, it is occasionally used as a dressing for vegetables, salads, and other green dishes.

Benefits & Uses :

Moringa carrier oil is highly valued in cosmetic industries. It is considered to best for massage and aromatherapy applications.

The oil finds application in a range of products including anti-aging cream, hair care products, soap and body wash, face cream, perfume and deodrant.

Moringa oil is a popular natural supplement to increase the health and strength of the hair and scalp.

Moringa oil can be massaged into the hair and scalp and allowed to remain there for several minutes, delivering rejuvenating vitamins and minerals to the follicles of the hair and tissue of the scalp. Regular massage with this oil can help reduce split ends and dandruff.

Moringa oil can also be found in hand lotions, lip balm, and other products that target dry and flaking skin, and is a popular ingredient in blended massage oils. It is pleasant to the touch, warms well, is not sticky, and combines well with other oils and fragrances.


Botanical Name :Cucumis melo

Common Name : Mushmelon, Cantaloupe

Plant Parts Used : Seeds

Extraction Method : Cold Pressed

Color & Odor : Clear to pale yellow color with light, sweet and nutty aroma

Description :

Musk melons are majorly cultivated in India, it is cultivated in the summer season from April to July. Musk melon being an annual plant is cultivated from the seeds by Cold Pressed mathod.

Constituents & Specifications :

Linoleic, Fatty Acid or Omega 6

Properties :

Musk Melons are rich in potassium, a nutrient that may help control blood pressure, regulate heart beat, and possibly prevent strokes. It is a good source of Vitamins A, B, and C. It has moisturizing properties as well.

Benefits & Uses :

Muskmelon Seed Oil contains a high levels of Linoleic, Fatty Acid or Omega 6,

The oil also contains notable amounts of Oleic and Palmitic Fatty Acids.

Cold Pressed Muskmelon Seed Oil is used in Skincare Products to enhance the products with surprising benefits of the Muskmelon Plant.

Muskmelon oil has light texture, yet it is highly moisturizing oil. It is easily absorbed in skin & can be invariably used in Facial & Body massage oils, Skincare & Hair care Products, such as Creams, Lotions, Serums, Facial masks or even Soap making.

It is very much effective in conditions like Lack of appetite, Weight loss, Urinary tract infections, Constipation, Acidity, and Ulcer.

Musk melon reduces heat in the body to a great extent, relieves tiredness, enhances appetite and is an effective laxative.